The purpose of this article is to answer some of the most commonly asked questions by people looking for a reading.

Q: What is the difference between a psychic, clairvoyant and a medium?

A: In simple terms, a psychic has the ability to see events past, present and future, usually with the aid of an instrument (tarot cards, runes, crystal etc). A medium has the ability to communicate with spirit. A clairvoyant is a step up from psychic working with a higher energy, seeing as the name suggests clear seeing. Some psychics and clairvoyants are mediums but not all.

Q: So if I go to see a medium will they be able to put me in touch with someone who has passed over?

A: Yes and No. A medium cannot control who, if anyone will be present to communicate with. Spirits have free will the same as the living and cannot be made to present themselves. Quite often the spirit who presents themselves will be someone totally unexpected by the client.

Q: How accurate is the reading?

A: No reading will be 100% accurate. You should expect a reasonably accurate reading of past and present events, but the future is subject to free will of both client and those around them. Nothing is set in stone.

Q: What sort of reading is best? Most people seem to offer Tarot readings. Is that because they are more accurate?

A: The accuracy of a reading depends on the reader, not the tools they use. The use of Tarot cards is a relatively recent development. In past times readers would use many different items, even something as simple as a bowl of water to focus on. The general public accept Tarot cards as a valid instrument so that’s why most readers use them. Just remember the power is in the reader not the tools they use.

Q: How often should I get a reading?

A: There is no hard and fast rule to this. Some say every three (3) to six (6) months. A lot depends on what you expect from a reading. A few points to consider:

# If you have a reading and you feel it wasn’t what you wanted to hear you may feel the need for a second opinion. There is no harm in this however, remember a good ethical reader will not just tell you what you want to hear.

# Events that are predicted can take time to eventuate, sometimes a few years. Time scales are fluid and expecting events to occur in short periods is unrealistic.

# A good reading is not cheap. Repeated readings in a short period of time, that tell you the same thing is not value for your money.

# If you want another reading in a short period of time with the same reader, they may seek to discourage you from doing so. Don’t take this the wrong way. They may feel that you would be better off waiting for a while, to give time for events to unfold.

Q: I often see the term 'for entertainment purposes only' in some ads for psychics, why is that?

A: Some time ago, certain organised religions decided to bring pressure on governments to curtail the work of people providing readings. To avoid legal issues, all readings are provided in the basis that they are for entertainment purposes only, and no warranty id given to the efficiency of the results. This is why readers will steer away from issues of a legal or medical nature. A good reader will explain that readings do not replace medical or legal advice and should never be relied upon in these matters.

Q: Will I learn anything bad? I don’t want to hear about a loved one’s impending death or even my own for that matter.

A: Psychics are governed by a code of ethics that dictates that certain information should not be disclosed to a client. No reading should ever leave a person distressed. A good reader will not lie, but will also explain; why certain things cannot/should not be revealed no matter how much they are asked to do so. There must always be a duty of care towards the clients.

Q: What if I do not get the answer that I am after?

A: If you have a reading and you feel it didn’t meet your expectations, let the reader know. Some readers do not ask you to verbalise your question and rely on what they pick up from your energy. If you have a specific question that you need answered, let the reader know in advance.

Q: I asked a prospective reader to prove they were the real deal, and they refused why?

A: Imagine going into any professional and asking them to prove they knew what they were on about. If you want to ensure you are getting a good reader, do your research, look for any awards they have attained. And check their professional memberships. If you feel a connection with the reader you have chosen, then there is an excellent chance you will get a good reading.

Q: I went for a reading and the reader said they couldn’t read for me, why? Should I be worried?

A: Readers can get a psychic block with some clients. This can be because the client is not in a good frame of mind at that point in time, for whatever reason or, the client may be actively resisting the reader. The reader may just be having an off day; sometimes the reader can shut down due to psychic exhaustion. It is rare, and a good reader will not charge you for the appointment and suggest a later appointment might be better.

A point to remember also, readers have a private life too, they have families and the same problems in life as their clients have; and still have to be on top to read for their clients. That is no easy task.